IALI President Lalit Aery’s Message

Lalit Aery President

It is my honor and privilege to serve as President of the India Association of Long Island. It is an immense privilege to follow the footsteps of the past Presidents that have helped shape IALI. India Association of Long Island continues to serve as a Premier Association to promote culture of India to unite the community. I am extremely fortunate and looking forward to work with outstanding Executive council and Ad-hoc Committee officials to continue towards fulfilling the mission of IALI.

The strength of IALI has always been our members. Our membership is comprised of a wide variety of diversified backgrounds and individual expertise. To continue our success, it is important that IALI continue to enroll new members. I urge members to become more involved in IALI by attending our events and programs & reaching out to non- members to join us.

IALI is one of the largest and oldest Indian association in the country and still growing with large number of new members joining each year. I intend to work hard to promote our culture of India through IALI programs and unite the community during my term. The following are my main goals which I reiterated in my election campaign.

  • Transparency and Respect; being fully transparent means sharing ideas with your team as well as members for your action plans for IALI future. That is what I intend to do to bring complete transparency to community. I will also seek advice from my whole team and will be open to suggestions from our members for wellbeing of our association.
  • Updating the data of our membership is very important for better communication. I have already given the responsibility to my very dedicated membership chair.
  • Youth is our future. We are going to start Youth Forum to do youth-oriented programs under IALI guidelines.
  • We have already started India Center Committee with very experienced & qualified team for well being of the building and to our valued asset.
  • We will issue each member membership Card. Our members will get preferred services from businesses enrolled with IALI and also provide discounts to our members on producing membership card.
  • We intend to enhance all our Forums programs by bringing different professional speakers to give information needed for members& same time have fun loving & social programs including trips for seniors.
  • We will have monthly events calendar on our website & IALI bulletin board & will also email to members for proper communication.

I will request all IALI members, if you have any idea or suggestion and or need to update your membership information, feel free to contact me directly.

Looking forward to see you all in all IALI events & will love to see you involved more and more in our association.

With best regards to you all,

Lalit Aery
India Association of Long Island
E Mail: Lalitaery@hotmail.com

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