Women’s Forum

IALI’s Women’s forum meets monthly on 1st Friday of the month.
This year we plan on doing monthly programs in different restaurants or at IALI India Center in Hicksville.

In March we celebrated Holi with lots of fun and gaiety. Our next major program will be celebrating Mother’s Day on May 4 th, by honoring some mothers and doing a fashion show. We also plan on celebrating different events throughout the year, like Independence Day, Halloween, holiday party at end of the year. We will also have talks about women’s health, light Yoga, Zumba and fashion sessions throughout the year.

At our event we have different vendors(since shopping is always fun, great entertainment sometimes with a DJ. or singing and performance by our talented members and games like Bingo etc.

This forum is fun, fun and fun for ladies and sometimes we do invite men too.



Name: Anjana Kashyap