Section I: Membership Status and Dues

A. Dues: Membership dues are as follows:
$275.00-Family Life Membership.
$150.00- Single Life Membership.
$150.00-Family Senior Life Membership with proof of age (above age 65)
$100.00-Single Senior Life Membership with proof of age (above age 65).
$50.00- Annual Membership
$225.00-Conversion of annual membership to life membership within 60 days of expiration.
$0.00- Honorary Membership approved by the Executive Council.

B. The Executive Council shall have the power to change rates for Membership by a majority vote of the entire council.

C. GOOD STANDING: A member is considered in “good standing” if dues are paid and the member subscribes to the objectives of the Association.

Section II: Election

A. All elections will be conducted and supervised by an Election Committee of three persons, who are not members of the Executive Council. In addition to three members of the Election Committee, the Executive Council will elect an Alternate, who will perform responsibilities as Election Committee member in case an original member is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities. The Alternate will participate in all committee deliberations but will not exercise voting rights, unless he/she is replacing an original member.

B. A life member enrolled by June 30 is eligible to vote in the upcoming election. A life member becomes eligible to be nominated for an elected position as member at large after 12 months of active membership prior to June 30.

C. The annual membership lasts from January 1 to December 31 of the same calendar year. An annual member becomes eligible to vote in an election after 12 months of active membership preceding June 30 of the election year. An annual member can contest for an elective position as member at large after 24 months of active membership prior to June 30 of the election year.

D. The officers and members of the Executive Council shall be elected in the following manner:

  1. The Election Committee shall mail to all eligible members a nomination ballot. The members wishing to run for one or more positions on the Executive council shall file a separate nomination ballot for each position after obtaining the requisite number of signatures and agreeing to serve if elected.
  2. The number of signatures required from “Active” members in good standing on a nomination ballot shall not be less than fifteen (15).
  3. The Election Committee shall collate the nomination ballots and list the names of the candidates in each category and inform the nominees. A nominee shall contest only one elected position and is allowed to withdraw his/her name at this stage. The Election Committee shall prepare the election ballot.
  4. The election ballot shall be mailed to all members in good standing.
  5. A candidate is declared elected if the position is uncontested or he/she receives a majority of the votes cast
  6. 6. No member shall hold more than one position in the Executive Council.

E. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be eligible to serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

Section III: Committees

The duties of the Committees are:
Membership: shall work to maximize membership and monitor arrear dues.

Socio-Cultural: shall organize cultural and social activities of the Association.

Finance: shall seek donations and recommend ways to collect additional funds. It will also advise on the administration and investment of funds.

Section IV: The Executive Council

A. The Executive Council shall meet regularly on a schedule to be determined by that body. The quorum shall be fifty (50) percent.

B. It shall determine the agenda of the meetings of the general membership. The agenda, however, may be amended and additions may be made from the floor by a simple majority vote.

C. The member of the Executive Council who misses three (3) consecutive, regularly scheduled meetings, without explanation, shall be suspended.

Section V: Voting Process

A. The General Body will act upon the resolution submitted by the Executive Council after a quorum is established. A simple majority is sufficient for the passage of the resolution.

B. Each voting member must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must have paid dues. The family membership has a maximum of two (2) votes.

Section VI: Affiliations

A. The Association may affiliate with other organizations whose aims, and objectives are consistent with Article I of the Constitution of the Association.

B. The Association may cooperate with other organizations as may be consistent with the Constitution, by-laws and rules of the Association. Such cooperation may include the reciprocal reduction of dues and share in the proceeds of common activity.

Appendixes of Election Manual 2-11-2019


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