Community Outreach meeting between IALI and DSS. 

On April 17th, 2017,  IALI President Bina Sabapathy, Community Outreach Chair Veena Lamba and Co-Chair Lalita Mansukani, Cultural Chair Shashi Malik on behalf of Volunteer Chair Ravi Kantha Verma, and Mrs. Naginder Singh met with Mr. Imhof, Commissioner of Department of Social Services, Mr. Broderick, Deputy Commissioner. Mrs. Sunita Manjrekar, Director of Employment, Mrs. Campbell  from DSS Volunteer Service and Karen Garber, Coordinator of Children Services at Department of Social Services located at 60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard.

They discussed about various projects and how IALI could contribute towards the Community Services in Partnership with DSS. Commissioner was very delighted and gave a very warm welcome to the Team. In his discussion he has mentioned that the Department is looking assistance for the following;

  • Scholarship fund for the Foster Care Children,
  • Backpacks for Foster Care kids for summer camps
  • Funds for the Re-entry population
  • Lap blankets for the newborns
  • Gifts cards for food shopping for public assistance recipients
  • Clothing & shoes for Ladies under Public assistance for job interviews-Dress To Impress
  • Men’s and ladies clothing and shoes for Veterans for Job Interviews
  • Need and Commitment for Volunteer’s help.

They also discussed about Cooking Food for the needy, Toy Drive for the Cancer kids, reach out to Hospitals, Internship, Tour of the Hospital, Training for Volunteers at DSS, Blood Drive, Flu Shot etc.

The meeting concluded at 12 pm with a positive outlook and desire for mutual goal accomplishment.